Guide to Online Slots

Invented more than 120 years ago first slots were massive 3-reeled machines without bonuses and multi pay-lines. The rewards were cigars and drinks or a chewing gum. Today we can recognize the old precursor of slots only by their form as it has hardly changed. However, the rest options of slots have altered a lot.

After computers and internet became essential parts of our life, there appeared so many slot variations that players were made to apply for the guide to online slots in order to be conversant in this casino game, checl list of supported games at gala casinos. So, we offer you the guide to online slots, which will take you to the world of slot machines.

What are Slot Machines?

Slot machine is a kind of casino games, which are the most playable nowadays. The machine has 3 or 5 reels and several lines. On each reel there are different pictures. The reels spin after you activate them by inserting the coins in special slots. Then the drums stop and show the combination of the images.

The Object

The object of slot games is to win, getting the same pictures in a line. There is little to depend on you, as the result is purely random. All you can do after wagering is to cross your fingers and hope the fortune will smile at your game.

Slots Tools


As it has been already mentioned there are lines, where the combination appears, however, not all of them are counted, when considering the reward. The rows that are counted are called pay-lines. In modern slots there can be from 9 to 25c pay-lines, such machines are known as multi-payline slots.


There are different types of slot symbols, some of which are very beneficial for players. Wild symbols can appear in any line and complete the combination if there is no one necessary picture. Scatter symbols bring you extra bonuses or extra cash. The machines that offer bonuses are called bonus slots.

Pay Table

The winning combinations and the amount of rewards is listed on the pay table. You can always find it on the surface of the slot or on the second screen in an online game.

Payout Percentage

Every slot has its own payout percentage, which is shown on the machine. In online casinos you can find slots with the percentage up to 99% of payback. However, you should remember that this percentage covers the whole lifespan of a slot, which can be 5 or more years. It means that the machine pays 99% of inserted cash back during 5 years, and only 1% is the advantage of the house.

There are many types of slot machines, which include various features, should be taken into consideration. Knowing all characteristics of slot types gives the opportunity to build your own winning strategy.

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