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Having a go at a coin machine can be a very enthralling activity. However, you may want to know that there are various types and all of them offer different winning possibilities for players who want get a few extra coins. Let's have a look at the different coin machine alternatives you will find when you play a coin machine game.

Classic coin machines

This coin machine has only three spools and a pay line. When you play in this type of machine you will have to get the right combination of three signs in order to win some coins. A good thing to do is to bet as many coins as the machine allows you to because that way you will see how your winning chances increase.

Progressive coin machines

These coin machines work the same way lottery does. This means that the more people bet on this machine, the bigger will the pot be. Every time a player gambles on a progressive coin machine, the coins he doesn't win go straight to the pot. This also means that the bigger the pot, the harder it is to win. However, if you manage to hit the pot, it will automatically go back to zero and from the moment another player gambles on that machine the pot will start to increase again.

Multi Spin coin machines

These machines offer players the possibility of spinning the spools from three to twenty-five times with one single bet. The reason why this happens is because there are certain combinations that will allow you to get more spins with just one coin. In these machines there are two bonus rounds. When you get one of the signs you will automatically get five more spins with one coin. When you get another sign you will be allow getting ten extra spins with the same bet you placed.

Multi Spools coin machines

As fortune is the one thing you need when you play a game of coin machines, it is also important to have as many chances as possible of hitting the pot or at least of getting some of your money back. There are some coin machines that come with five spools and when you play in one of these machines you will see how your chances of winning some coins increase.

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