Squirrel Strategy

For those who have tried almost everything to win a game of coin machines there are two strategies you should put to use. One of those strategies is called "chicken strategy" and the other is called "squirrel strategy". It is of popular knowledge that coin machines are based exclusively on fortune. However, there are players who like to put to use some strategies that advise them to keep playing or run away from a certain machine instead of relying on what they feel. In this article we are going to describe how the chicken and squirrel strategies work. What they have in common is that they both rely on a specific pattern and help the player decide when it's time to look for another coin machine.

Chicken strategy

The most important characteristic of this strategy is that gamblers should choose a coin machine, bet a few coins and run away from it in order to find another machine that gives them what they are looking for. Prior to setting about playing you need to choose what the sequence will be. Put simply, as soon as you reach the amount of spins your budget allows you to play you should move to another machine.

Squirrel strategy

The most important characteristic of this strategy is that the gambler does not have to run after betting on a coin machine. In this strategy you also need to consider the sequences you are going to play prior to starting the game. When you finish a sequence, if you have won a few coins you don't have to look for another machine but rather keep betting on the same machine. The idea is to keep as many won coins as possible in order to go home with a few extra dollars. On the other hand, if after playing for some time you have not won any coins it is time to look for another coin machine.

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