Having a go at a coin machine is something that most people enjoy whenever they go to a gambling house. The good thing about coin machines is that there is one for every kind of player; therefore everyone can satisfy their needs for enjoyment. Let's see the many different alternatives of coin machines you have to choose from.

Although people believe that any coin machine will do the trick for them, this is a wrong idea because there are some kinds of machines that will be a lot better for you than others. Among the various kinds of coin machines, you need to know that there are three that stand out. One is called basic coin machine, the second one is called progressive and the third is called video coin machine. In the case of video coin machines, like the ones you can play on the internet, it is important to mention that they fall into two categories: they are either basic or progressive.

Having a good understanding of the different kinds is not sufficient. You also need to know that each coin machine has various pay lines and lots of reels that can be combined. In order to help you get an idea of coin machines we have organized the most important information for you.

  1. Basic coin machines

    This kind of coin machine is called this way because of the pot it offers. The pot in basic coin machines is not altered by the amount of money players bet on each reel spin, it is always a fixed amount. This type of coin machine will allow you to win more often but fewer coins each time you win. This kind of coin machine is the ideal partner of anyone who likes to play the game for long periods. A good way of winning more coins is by betting for each pay line the coin machine has.

  2. Progressive coin machines

    This kind of coin machine gets this name due to the fact that the pot grows bigger and bigger every time a player bets s few coins. A typical feature of these machines is to have a big poster with the pot on it. if you are lucky enough to hit the pot, it will automatically go back to zero and the amount of money will start to increase as players gamble. As a general rule, the majority of progressive coin machines will require players to bet a certain number of coins if you want to have a chance of winning the pot.

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