Loose Slot Machines

Players of coin machines always come up with unimaginable stories about people hitting the pot. But are all the stories simple misconceptions? Or do they hold a bit of truth in them? Let's have a look at the different thick-coming fancies.

Story 1

One of the first and oldest stories is that coin machines that are placed in the aisles of gambling houses are loose. The truth about this myth is that ages ago gambling houses in Vegas had to attract tourists, therefore they placed the coin machines in their aisles. Nowadays, however, gambling houses have earned their reputation and their buildings are huge so they don't need to use that old technique to attract people's attention. Another story regarding loose coin machines states that those are always placed right besides the tight coin machines.

You can actually see how people believe this story when you go to a gambling house and see players gambling on as many machines as they can. It is believed that the managers of gambling houses scatter the loose coin machines over the building so as to avoid players betting on several machines at the same time.

Story 2

Another myth considers the place where tight machines are put. It is thought that tight coin machines will always be placed close to the gambling house tables and the snack bar. Most people believe that those coin machines are strategically placed in those areas so that those who want to get something to drink or those who are playing at a table will be able to have a go at the coin machine while they are waiting. One thing to consider is that gamblers who play games at the tables of the gambling house need to be focused in what they are doing; therefore they don't need all the noise the coin machines make.

Remember that all those are myths and that you will have a chance of hitting the pot only if luck is on your side.

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