Play and Run Strategy

There are many strategies regarding a game of coin machines. One of the most successful ones is called "play and run". This strategy gets its name because once you choose a coin machine and gamble it's time to run in search of another coin machine. If you have the feeling that the machine is going to pay you back for all the effort you have made, you are wrong. Playing a coin machine game requires you to get rid of your feelings prior to choosing a machine.

Getting started

Prior to putting the "play and run" strategy to use there are two ideas you need to have clear. The first idea is the naked tug; the other idea is the limits of loss. In the first case the naked tug conveys a game without winning. The first thing you need to do is to set a limit to amount of games you will stand before winning something and moving to another coin machine. The limit of loss is the amount of money you want to gamble on a coin machine before you find another one. Now that you have those two ideas clear, let's see how to put the play and run strategy to use.

How it all began

This strategy was created by a person who had a small amount of money to gamble on a coin machine. The first thing you need to do is set the amount of money you are going to use in each machine. After that make sure that you establish your naked tugs and your limit of loss. If you have a small budget, the best idea is to go for machines that allow you to gamble a quarter. Start playing and if you see that you haven't won anything after twenty spins it's time to head for another coin machine. However, if the coin machine starts to pay back don't run away from it.

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