How Slots Work

When it comes to having a go at coin machines there are as many different gaming styles as there are people in the world. Some believe that the best strategy is to only tug the handle. Some others claim that the most successful way to go about coin machines is to hit the machine right before tugging the handle and only a few others believe that having coins with a low temperature is the winning strategy. However, those are only wrong views on how the game actually works. Read on to find out everything you need to know about coin machines.

First things

Each coin machine is a kind of computer because they contain a chip, called Random Number Generator, which is the one in charge of coming up with all the different combinations you see in a coin machine.


Although coin machines are based exclusively on fortune, the Random Number Generator is the one to blame when you don't get the combination you want. This is when the first myth is clarified. It is not important if you have been playing on a coin machine all night long, when someone else gets the place you had in the coin machine and that person wins is not because you were "feeding" the machine, it is just fortune.

Something else we need to mention is that the coin machine is not a person; therefore it does not have the power to remember things. Having said that, you need to consider that no matter how much you have won or you have lost, everything is down to Math. Another important thing to mention is that hitting the coin machine before tugging the handle or pressing the button will not help you get better combinations.

However, you are likely to go home with a few extra dollars thanks to a regulation that states that all coin machines have to give their players a certain amount of money back.

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