Basic Strategy How to Beat Slot Machines

Slot machines are considered to be the easiest games to play and the most profitable for casinos. However, the payout percentage of slot machines is the highest in comparison with other casino games. So, why does it happen? On the one hand the players can't influence the game, as the result is determined randomly by the RNG. On the other hand there are many strategies how to beat slot machines. So, we insist on the statement that if you follow a certain winning system, you will increase your playing potential. In this article we will teach you how to beat slot machines.

Prolong the Entertaining

Slots are first of all are games that bring fun and relax. A slot machine is not a way to improve your budget. You should try to prolong your game as long as it is possible. In order to do it, it is recommended to choose the suitable denomination. Keep in your mind the less money you risk the longer the game will last. You should start from the lowest denominations and raise your bets in case you win.

Decide the Object

Before you start playing slot machines, determine the goal of your gaming. If you are hunting a big jackpot, you should find a progressive slot machine, the jackpot of which reaches several hundred thousand dollars. Remember you have to play the maximum number of coins to get a jackpot. If you want to get fun and win medium or low prize, you can choose bonus slots, which are very exciting and challenging.

Suitable Denomination

If you play a multiple slot machine, you should bet maximum to get the highest reward. However, when the denomination is too high for your budget, it is better to try a machine with the lower denomination.

Payout Percentage

Payout percentage is an important element that helps to decide what machine to play. Slots with high payback percentage are usually of high denomination. For this reason it is necessary to balance the denomination and your expectation of payouts. It Is recommended to play online slots, as virtual casinos offer more slots with high paybacks.


When you are playing online, you are offered sign-up bonuses for registration. However, be careful about them, as there can be restrictions concerning wagering.

We hope these basics of slots strategy will help you to improve your results. Besides that there are particular winning systems, like Star, Chicken, Squirrel strategies etc.

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