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There is a gambling house on the Internet that allows customers to have a go at different coin machine games without having to pay a single dime. Bonus Feature allows you to play the coin machine game without having to copy anything on your computer. All you have to do is select the coin machine you want to use and then simply play. Another advantage of using this webpage is that you will be able to bet money for real as well. Another important thing about the coin machine games you will find on Bonus Feature is that all the machines have wild and scatter signs. Let's have a look at the different alternatives you can choose from to play a coin machine game.

Comic Quest- mission control

This game has five spools and as it has twenty pay lines you have more chances of winning. Another important thing about this game is that you will be able to bet a maximum of ten coins for each bet. The comic quest machine has one wild sign, two scatter signs and one bonus round. There is also another sign to take into account because it will allow you to get ten rounds without having to bet. When you get at least three wild signs all your winnings will be tripled.

Comic Quest- mystery planets

This game is one that follows comic quest 1. It also has five spools with twenty pay lines but the main difference is that you can gamble from ten to two hundred coins every time you play. This coin machine comes with two wild signs, two scatter signs and one bonus round. As this is an interactive coin machine you will have the possibility of showing how skillful you are when you get a bonus round.


This coin machine has five spools but unlike the comic quest machines it has twenty-five pay lines. Apart from that it has two wild and scatter signs and two bonuses. As this game is based on the movie of the same name there are many characters of the movie that can be seen during the game.

Apart from hose three coin machines we mentioned before there are also Goblin's Cave, Golden Tour and Hitman. They all offer great chances of winning great sums of money.

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